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Steve, Florida

Hi Guys, Sounding good! I was wondering what connection your band had with the original Prowler from the late 1980s through early 90s from the Hattiesburg - Jackson area. I know when I was in a band there of the same name, we had a revolving door of musicians in the band all through the years with Niel Gillie and myself being the original members. We paid well as at that time we were the highest paid semi-local "College Bar" act in Mississippi and the Gulf coast area for many years throughout that time period since we also had a sound company that did productions for acts coming through the event circuit. That being said, I left the band and moved on with other endeavors as did all the other band members as far as I know. The club and event owners were starting to have the "pay-to-play" mentality and even with the reputation for packing the house work was getting less profitable and thin. We did get to work with allot of regional talent and R&D people in Peavy and other company in those years. They reason I was asking is I just came across some old pictures and tapes of us from around 1990 and 91 so I did a google search in the Mississippi area to see if the name was still in use and your web site came up. Keep rockin, Having fun and carrying the torch. ;) Steve "Groovy" Smith

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